Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Starbucks doing "GOOD"

I was sitting in the Starbucks at Monument Circle yesterday afternoon (awaiting fellow blogger LKM) and picked up the "GOOD Sheet." This mini-newspaper is a "weekly series breaking down an important issue to help make sense of the world around us." The GOOD Sheet is a publication of GOOD magazine (which I subscribe to), a magazine "for people who give a damn." You may be wondering, as I have, "give a damn about what?" But that's a discussion for another time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GOOD, 100% of its subscription price is contributed back to partner nonprofit organizations.

Ok, back to this issue of the GOOD Sheet: this week's topic is National Service, something we've already covered in this blog. Naturally, it includes all of the latest volunteerism data available from the Corporation for National and Community Service. It also includes a handy "how-to" chart for determining the right service outlet for you. Can you pass a physical exam, commit two years, between the ages of 17 and 41 and want to help communities in the US and abroad? Then you should join the armed forces! Would you rather skip the physical, commit only 10 months and stay in your community? Then Americorps is right for you! I wish my post-graduation career planning was this easy.

I like the idea of the GOOD Sheet, I am just not sure how many people are sitting down with their friends at Starbucks and engaging in conversation based on its topic. Next time you're in Starbucks, pick up a free issue - next week's topic is "Holiday Economy". Timely. I may be wrapping presents this year in GOOD Sheets - it's cheaper than wrapping paper.

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mbk said...

HA - that would be putting them to GOOD use!! Bah dum ching.