Monday, April 27, 2009

Class field trip??

As a final act, I suggest we all go to NYC to see "The Philanthropist" on Broadway. Surely we could write a much better review than the New York Times after finishing our degree in philanthropic studies.

Oh, and it stars my most favorite movie & theater star ever: Matthew Broderick!

Who's up for it?

Facebook for Philanthropists

Well, kids. We *know* Sarah and I love facebook and twitter (is it wrong that I started saying things like "Tweet dreams!" and "Oh, I heard about that -- I saw that in my news feed!" ??). Now there's a social networking site specifically for nonprofits to network. Unlike idealist, where nonprofits post jobs and people can search nonprofits, is specifically for networking. Every nonprofit on the site is researched extensively to verify its validity.

I say: sign me up. But only if I get to have a profile picture.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wine & Giving

My three favorite things:
1. Wine
3. Philanthropy

After many months blogging, I finally get to combine the three. Check out the latest episode of Wine Library TV which features hockey player Wayne Gretzky talking about his wine brands - which fund the work of his foundation.

Episode #660: Wayne Gretzky Visits Wine Library TV