Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Extracting Good from Good Works"

An article in this week's Time magazine describes Corporates for Crisis (CforC), a consulting firm that assists multinational corporations working in developing countries. Created last year, the firm "assists multinationals in emerging, postcrisis countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, by getting them directly involved in local humanitarian, developmental or environmental projects." They do this by bringing together experts in global business, diplomacy and nongovernmental organizations who go to work in the field. Each unique team assigned to a client is designed to seamlessly think about the client's social and business interests. In short, the company is developing a new model of Corporate Social Responsibility. According to its website, "Corporates for Crisis is a new innovative and sustainable approach to corporate responsibility. Our aim is to build on the considerable commitment already shown by the business world by moving away from 'cheque book charity' and harnessing their strengths and motivations to make step changes in the world of community development and humanitarian aid." CforC "is a business for which profit isn't a dirty world."

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