Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jon & Kate + 8

This week on one of my favorite shows, Jon & Kate + 8, the Gosselin Family had a yard sale. While there's nothing particularly 'philanthropic' about a yard sale, Jon and Kate put a unique spin on it - all of the money they earned from the sale went to a pediatric cancer research fund. Feeling blessed by the hundreds of people who have helped them and their 8 children (twins and sextuplets) with gifts, the Gosselins decided to pass on those gifts. Jon and Kate explained and talked to their kids for the weeks leading up to the sale about giving and its importance so that even the six pre-schoolers understand. I hope that more parents will follow their example and introduce philanthropy into the lives of their children!

The Gosselins epitomize serial reciprocity at its simplest and finest.

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SKN said...

Ha! I randomly turned on the tv Monday night and the end of the episode was on! I couldn't quite get over the pickering over who had the closest guess of how much money they collected or the counting of money in broad day light, OR, the posing of pictures with the family for extra donations (just seemed a little exploitative) . But, you're right, they did raise about $1100 (and change).