Monday, November 17, 2008

Charity (?), Hollywood Style

While I am allllll about the Celebs doing good -- it brings heightened awareness, most importantly -- for certain causes, an article highlighted in the Chronicle today cites an article in a recent New York Post. The article criticizes some of the foundations and organizations started by celebrities like George Clooney and Bono, have been somewhat misappropriating their funds.

In line with Laura's post below, there are upsides and downsides to Celeb Philanthropy. The upside, as previously mentioned, is an increase of awareness for a cause, leverage of increased funds, and proximity to pretty people with lots of money. While I am all for George Clooney (Hello, gorgeous.), the article points out how these celebs' organizations have not been the most careful in accounting for all of their funds or spending more on operating costs than actually on grants or their mission. George Clooney's foundation hadn't even turned in forms to the IRS!

Even though these celebs elevate the causes, are they above the legalities of nonprofit and foundation work?

I say absolutely not!

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