Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where do you vaycay?

I'm a travel girl. I love it. I may or may not have a gold, shiny passport cover. And a method to packing that allows me never to wear the same outfit twice. Even if I'm just carrying on. I.Kid.You.Not.

A new trend in travel these days is Humanitourism. I have heard of Voluntravels before, but this seems to fall on an upper echelon of travelers. Daily Candy, the posh social updates I get sent to me every morning, featured this new trend in their ever-popular travel section. This week's Daily Candy Travel highlights three types of Humanitours, one in India, Greece, and even on the peaks of Mt. Kilamanjaro. Aside from helping communities and animals, the perks include "Karma points" and stays in "comfy tents."

An indulgent way for people to feel good about themselves while enjoying the benefits of travel? Or a good way to draw an otherwise uninvolved, elitist population?

Either way, I'm carrying on.


SKN said...

Um, MBK, you've got some sppplain' to do.... Maneater?!

KJA said...

I've seen the way Ms. Maneater packs. It truly IS impressive!!!

So...where in the world is MBK? I'm writing from lovely Barcelona myself. I've been noting all the Fundacio's here (mostly art and culture related), if that counts for anything!!!

maneater said...

haha...I know, skn...I changed it to "maneater" to anonymously follow a friend's blog. However, the fact that my picture is next to my name kind of kills that motive. lol

And let's be honest, that's been a nickname of mine since day one. :)

Kelly -- I'm back in Indy...can't wait to hear about Barcelona!!