Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Country Could Use more North Dakotans

As the flood fight continues in Fargo, I've been overwhlemed with the human interest stories that have come to light. Fargo is a special place - where volunteers have made 5.5 million sandbags in the last week. When you consider that each sandbag takes 4 people to create, you can image just how many people have come out to help. As national journalists have come to Fargo covered the rising river, they've uncovered more about the people than the river.

This CNN photo/audio essay really captures the spirit of the place. As I look at photos, listen to stories, and hear Mayor Walaker defend the city's decision not to evacuate, I can all but fight back tears.

I also want to share this personal story that captures the mood in Fargo - from someone whose home is safe.

The fight is far from over. Six inches of snow fell yesterday with more on the way. Current projections suggest a second crest around 40 feet in mid-April when the snow melts, especially in the southern valley.

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