Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robertson v. Princeton and a Waste of a Whole Lot of Money!!!

OK, I promise I will not bore anyone with yet another discussion of the doctrine of cy pres or the particular merits of this case (whose recent settlement made the major press). I merely want to vent about the APPALLING amount of money spent on legal fees by both parties over the past six years!!! According to this report in the NY Times, both sides spent over $40 million ($80 million total for those of you doing the math!) on legal fees before the settlement!!! That's more than $13 million EACH YEAR FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS!!! Yes, I'm screaming and using an excessive number of exclamation marks. I'm outraged and disgusted.

I can certainly think of, oh, maybe just a few better, more meaningful and philanthropic ways to spend $80 million supposedly charitable dollars!! This is a moral disgrace.

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