Thursday, December 18, 2008

Benny Boy and Mick Team Up for Congo

When the whole Matt Damon/Ben Affleck craze started, I was always on Team Matt. [sooo much cuter in my opinion. And i say...what wife?!?]

However, the Chronicle's report on Ben Affleck's latest involvement with relief efforts for the Democratic Republic of Congo are catching my eye, and perhaps encouraging Damon lovers everywhere to switch teams for a hot minute.

Ben and Mick Jagger teamed up to create a short film shot in the DRC called "Gimme Shelter," which they hope will raise $23 million in relief for displaced persons and refugees as a result of the fighting currently taking place there. The disputes are offshoots of early 1990's fighting between Rwaandan ethnic battles. The UN estimates that the fighting has claimed as many as 4.5 million lives in the past decade. Insanity.

Thank goodness more efforts towards awareness and humanitarian relief are being backed by the Jagg-meister and Benny boy. Hopefully, their video will aid in the UN's relief efforts and open the eyes of many an ignorant citizen.

So for now, Ben has taken the lead. Maybe Matt's attempts to win back my heart could be to dump his current wife and whisk me away to the war-torn Congo to shuffle these refugees to safety?!? And then he will be my lover AND favorite celebrity philanthropist.
[Shoot...I've watched Beyond Borders waaaayyy too many times.]

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