Thursday, September 18, 2008

Broadway Stars & Crew: Not Bowling Alone

Robert Putnam, take note:
A great article in today's New York times highlights the Broadway Show Bowling League. Yes, that's right: the actors and stage crews of Broadway's hottest shows have a bowling leage. In fact, they've been bowling together since the 1960s. At it's core, the League is a social captial dream: "Co-stars decompress with co-stars. Friends catch up with friends who have moved on to other shows. The unemployed network."

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Alyssa said...

Last night, we went to the Fountain Square duckpin bowling alley. The 1930s one, which is infinitely cooler than the 1950s one. I simply cannot wait to go again with PSS folks. Can I do anything to push along this event in our social calendar?!