Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Advacement Office

On Saturday I received a postcard from my alma mater, Concordia College, entitled "The Advancement Office." I'm impressed that the development operation is branching out this year in an attempt to better connect with its youngest alumni by spoofing the television show The Office. The postcard directed me to where I watched 4 homemade videos of the development office staff. The Vice President of Development plays the ineffectual, and un-self aware, leader role. You see him trying to motivate his staff with corn hats (no joke, our schools mascot is the Kernal). You see him scheduling a meeting with a major donor at Mick's Office, the much-beloved but hole-in-the-wall college bar. And my favorite is The Rivalry between Kristin, who strong believes that the age of online giving is here and now, and Andrea who argues that phonathon is king. In the photo below Andrea tries to foil Kristin's online giving plans.

I don't believe the college would have ever done something like this a year age but I love that it's stepping outside of its comfort zone while embracing web 2.0 ... not to mention how it effectively engages alumni. If the postcard made me go online AND make my annual gift, then I hope other young alums will do the same!

Watch The Rivalry (and the other clips) at:

- Sarah


Alyssa said...

This is particularly funny. And creative- I hope that it works for them!

On a side note, did you see the SNL sketch where they also parodied (is that a word?) "The Office"? It was supposed to be in Japan, I think. It was last season. Perhaps you should look it up. Two weeks until the season premiere...

Ashleigh said...


And yes, I am totally reading your blog. At WORK.