Monday, June 15, 2009

NBC's "The Philanthropist"

It's about time I'm back to blogging. Let's just count the last six weeks as a much needed post-graduation break from any kind of intelligent thinking.

BUT, but with the much anticipated debut of NBC's "The Philanthropist" show, I'll be back in the saddle, providing you with a philanthropic studies point of view. What would Gunderman say? How would Burlingame respond in an opera? And most of all, will the show be any good?

[Full disclosure: I'm already a little biased in favor of the show since Jesse L. Martin, original cast member of Jonathon Larson's RENT, plays one of the lead characters.]

All this and more starting June 24th.

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LKM said...

Umm, hello! And Neve Campbell!!! It's going to be awesome. So, pop your popcorn, grab your Diet Coke, and hit the couch for some vigilante philanthropy!