Friday, October 24, 2008


Who can resist helping victims of office robberies, even if there is no Wikipedia entry for office robbery statistics?

Mostly, I couldn't resist blogging about last night's episode of The Office in which Michael organizes a charity auction to help his colleagues who have been victims of an office robbery. According to Michael, "It's like Farm Aid, but instead of farmers fighting against AIDS, it will be us fighting against our own poverty." Never mind that the victims will actually have to spend more money bidding on their own goods and services (like Bob Vance's $1000 purchase of a hug from his wife!).

C.R.I.M.E A.I.D stands for "Crime Reduces Innocence Makes Everyone Angry I declare." Only Michael Scott can could up with something so ridiculous.

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Alyssa said...

I, too, thought that this was hilarious. Do you think that this put them in the "Mutual Aid Association" category? Remember when The Office also held a charity bingo night for "Afghanistanies with AIDS"? Did you know that bingo is the most used form of charity gaming? It was an answer in Trivial Pursuit this weekend...I'll be organizing a charity raffle here at my GA site. I'm working on the license application.